Our Process

Our process starts with a dedicated, focused approach that ensures an outstanding executive search experience and successful candidates.

Donna N. Lee established Lee Heagy & Company to better serve her clients with an inspired, dedicated, focused approach. She is committed to making every executive search an outstanding and satisfying experience, resulting in the highest quality candidates.

We have an intense, thorough method for identifying the best possible candidates for each assignment that combines extensive research, in-depth knowledge of the sectors and our proprietary database. This is followed by far-reaching telephone contacts and discussions. We narrow the field to the most exciting candidates and conduct in-depth, in-person interviews anywhere in the world.

The best candidates from those meetings are presented to our clients with our analysis.

We work closely with our clients, communicating frequently, to ensure the search is moving rapidly toward successful completion.

We strive to always provide our clients with outstanding candidates and service.

Our 8 Step Process

  1. Focused time.

    At the initiation of the assignment we spend focused time with clients to understand the corporate culture and to identify the skills, qualifications and success factors of the key individual to be recruited.

  2. Extensive Experience.

    Using our related experience in your industry we identify sources, target companies and potential candidates quickly.

  3. Develop.

    We develop a list of potential candidates for immediate consideration.

  4. Proactive Recruiting & Interviews.

    We enthusiastically present the position and client to potential candidates and get referrals from trusted key executives. We conduct extensive telephone interviews, which are followed by in-person interviews of the most qualified candidates.

  5. Present Candidates.

    We present the best of the interviewed candidates to the client with their background material and our interview notes and analysis.

  6. Client Interviews.

    Schedule client interviews with the candidates.

  7. Reference Checks.

    Conduct detailed reference checks.

  8. Completion.

    Once the client has selected a candidate, we facilitate compensation and relocation discussions, taking the assignment through to completion.